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We offer the following complete Trust Services through a correspondent bank relationship. For a free consultation call us at 620-792-5111.

Living Revocable Trusts

A living revocable trust is a legal instrument which allows you to obtain investment assistance during your lifetime and implements your estate plan to provide for your beneficiaries at your death. During your lifetime, we can manage your investments with as much input from you as you desire to provide. In the event that you become incapacitated, we can continue to manage your financial affairs. We process all income from your investments and can handle the payment of your personal expenses.

Our computerized accounting system provides concise, accurate, year-end summaries which assist your accountant in the preparation of tax returns. After your death, your assets will be distributed to your beneficiaries as you designate. The assets can also remain in trust to a surviving spouse or to protect a child's inheritance. A living trust will allow your estate to pass to your beneficiaries without the involvement of a probate court and, through proper planning, can mean substantial tax savings for your family.

Personal Investment Accounts

We can purchase and/or manage for you a broad range of investments including but not limited to; stocks, bonds, mutual funds, certificates of deposit, and U.S. government securities. You may retain as much decision-making control over the assets as you wish while we handle the details for you. You will be provided with a regular statement and, at year end, you will receive a complete summary report for your tax accountant.


Our Trust Department personnel are experienced in the administration and settlement of estates. You may choose to name the bank as executor of you estate and have confidence that assistance will be available to your family at your death. The use of a bank as executor, rather then the use of a family member, can greatly reduce the burden and expense for your family during their time of grief.

Charitable Trusts

If you are interest in leaving a portion of your estate to a charitable institution but need income from those assets during your lifetime, we can assist you in the use of a charitable trust.

Individual Retirement Accounts (ira's)

Opening an IRA through our Trust Department or transferring your existing IRA to our Trust Department allows you the opportunity to invest in a wide range of securities including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and U.S. Government securities. We will also work with you to accept a rollover of funds from your pension or profit sharing plan. We regularly attend seminars and workshops to stay current with changes in law and regulations governing individual retirement accounts.

Real Estate, Mineral, And Farm Management

Our Trust Department personnel are able to provide management of your real estate and mineral interests. We can work with your tenants regarding lease arrangements, provide crop marketing assistance and handle all government program paperwork for you. Our computerized record keeping system provides concise information for use by you and your accountant.