Electronic Account Statements / Notices

Electronic statements have several benefits:

  • Faster Delivery – usually available by the afternoon following statement cut.
  • Secure Delivery – your statement isn’t sitting in your mailbox at home where it could be stolen.
  • Your statement can be printed or saved to a disk or to your computer.  Saved statements can be given directly to your accountant.
  • Physical space savings since paper can be eliminated.
  • We save trees!

You have two options for Electronic Statements / Notices:

  1. You can get your statements online within Online Banking, or
  2. You can get your statements and/or notices on a separate online secure messaging website.

Please give us a call today at 620-564-3700 or 620-792-5111 to get started.  You can also enroll for Electronic Statements from within Online Banking.

Once enrolled and approved, and based on the option you chose above, you can access your Electronic Statements / Notices by:

  1. Logging in to your online banking, or
  2. Logging in to our separate Online Secure Messaging website.

Thank you for banking with us!  We appreciate you.