Residential Real Estate Loans

Community Bank’s Residential Real Estate Lending programs are designed to offer the most flexible options to meet your home financing needs.  We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality home loans.  Whether you are a first time home buyer, buying or building your dream home, refinancing an outstanding loan, or consolidating debt, we can help make your dreams come true.

Exceptional customer service, honesty, integrity, and reliability are as important as competitive rates, programs, and fees.  Community Bank is the local mortgage lender that makes all the difference in your borrowing experience.  As your partner in the mortgage loan process, Community Bank provides you with the following benefits:

  • Consistent Competitive Rates
  • Reasonable Closing Costs
  • All mortgage loan documentation is prepared by us – no third party or offsite documentation preparation
  • Loan closings are at our bank facilities by our licensed and experienced mortgage lenders
  • Retained Conventional Loan servicing – All payments are made to us with tax/insurance escrow accounting performed by us
  • First time homeowner mortgage program.  Grant monies, subject to availability and qualification, may be used to assist with this program
  • Home mortgage loan prequalification is available at no cost
  • We offer you reliable information, sound advice, and excellent service throughout the mortgage loan process

Conventional Fixed Rate Loans:

Fixed rate mortgage programs are currently the most popular mortgage products with flexible repayment terms.  Their popularity is due in large part to their certainty, as the interest rate is locked for the life of the loan, and can never go up.  Your payment may only change due to changes in your escrow for taxes or insurance.

Home refinancing including rate reduction, cash-out, and second home purchases qualify for our conventional fixed rate loan program. Our fixed rate loans do not contain a prepayment penalty.

Home Equity Lines of Credit:

Our Home Equity Line of Credit can help you finance just about anything from personal expenses, to the new car you have been dreaming about, or to your remodeling project.

Adjustable Rate Loans:

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans (ARM) are offered with various payment and variable rate structures. Home refinancing including cash-out, second home purchases, multi-family units and investment properties qualify for our ARM program.

USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing (GRH):

Community Bank is an approved USDA Rural Housing lender.  100% financing is available for those who qualify, bringing the dream of home ownership within reach.  With a fixed interest rate, term, and flexible guidelines, a GRH home loan will assist you in achieving your home ownership goals. To qualify for a USDA Rural Housing loan, a borrower must meet income (people who earn above a certain amount are ineligible), credit, and employment requirements.  Eligibility is based both on the property and the borrower.  Give us a call today to discuss how you may qualify for up to 100% financing.

Home Construction Loans:

Home construction loans are structured to correspond with your construction time period. Home construction loans can be converted to permanent financing upon home completion.
At Community Bank, our mortgage lending specialists will assist you in matching a loan to your home financing need. Give us a call today to discuss your home financing needs and the programs we offer to meet those needs.

Community Bank is an Equal Housing Lender. Bank with a “Real Community Bank.”