Equip your business for profits with Community Bank's equipment leasing program. We offer an entire program of leasing options that make it convenient for you to get the use of equipment you need without the risk of ownership. Also, our leasing program provides purchase options, enabling you to acquire various types of equipment. Leasing is an increasingly popular way for you to finance equipment purchases, with potential tax advantages.

By having leasing as one of our many services, we're helping you consolidate your business activity with a one-step source. Take a look at the following industries and some of the typical equipment we can lease:

Industry Equipment
Agriculture Tractors, Combines, Sprayers, Grain Bins and Dryers
Banking ATM's, Proofreaders/Sorters, Encoders
Computers Micro and Mini-Computers, File Servers, Workstations, PC's, Peripherals
Construction Bulldozers, Motor Graders, Front-End Loaders, Backhoes
Dental Operatory, X-Ray Equipment
Environmental  Particle Separators, Filtration Equipment, HVAC, Generators
Hotel   Computers, Fixtures, Telephone and Reservation Systems
Maintenance Off-Road Vehicles, Hoists, Lifts
Manufacturing  Material Handling, Production Equipment, Lathes
Medical  CT Scanners, X-Ray Equipment, Blood Analyzers, MRI Scanners
Municipal  Fire Trucks, Ambulances, School Buses, School Buildings, Water and Gas Meters
Retail  Price Scanners, Scales, Fixtures
Telecommunications Switches, Transformers, Multiplexers