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Community Reinvestment Statement

Community Reinvestment Act Statement 2013

In compliance with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), Community Bank of the Midwest makes the following CRA statement.

The Community Reinvestment act (12 u.s.c. 2901 et seq.) is intended to encourage Community Bank of the Midwest to help meet the credit needs of its entire communities, including low and moderate income neighborhoods, while preserving the flexibility necessary to operate in a safe and sound manner.

Community Bank of the Midwest has defined its CRA assessment area to include the southeast quarter of Rush County and all of Barton County, Kansas. The assessment area is defined by block numbering area 9721 and 9722 for Rush County, block numbering area 9711 through 9718 for Barton County, and block numbering area 9561 through 9562 for Ness County.

Specific Credit Types

The following is a list of specific types of credit within certain categories that Community Bank of the Midwest is prepared to extend within the above defined CRA assessment area.

Agricultural Loans

1) Livestock loans
2) Machinery & equipment loans
3) Operating capital loans
4) Real estate (farm land) loans

Commercial Loans

1) Inventory loans
2) Accounts receivable loans
3) Construction loans
4) Vehicle & equipment loans
5) Operating capital loans
6) Real estate loans
7) Furniture & fixture loans
8) Oil & gas (energy) loans

Consumer Loans

1) Automotive loans
2) Personal loans
3) Household goods
4) Recreational loans
5) Residential real estate loans

Real Estate Loans

Community Bank of the Midwest offers a wide array of residential real estate loans including conventional and rual economic community development (RECD) financing.

Small Business Administration and Farm Service Agency

The bank is active in providing our communities with financing alternatives through SBA and FMHA. The bank currently sponsors businesses and farmers in these programs, that provide a vital resource to our local economies.

Other Credit Related Activities

The bank participates from time to time, in other credit related activities within our CRA assessment area in addition to lending. Community Bank of the Midwest invests in local economic development groups that help foster community revitalization and growth.

Other Community Related Activities

Community Bank of the Midwest provides numerous community related services which are not loan related. Our checking accounts are designed to meet the needs of customers we serve in an economical manner. In addition, the bank offers special deposit account services to our mature customers. Financial assistance ranges from direct contributions to community groups and projects to providing financial counseling to individuals in the communities we serve.

The directors, officers and employees of the bank represent an important communication link to our trade territories. Our bank people are heavily involved in the Great Bend, Otis, Ellinwood, and Ness City communities.

Ascertaining the Communities' Financial Needs

Community Bank of the Midwest, relies on many different methods for determining the financial needs of the communities it serves. Officer, director and employee community involvement, community seminars, bank sponsored community gatherings, surveys, and the strategic planning process, etc., are examples of methods the bank uses in meeting its community reinvestment responsibilities. If you desire more information on how the bank determines the financial needs of its communities, please feel free to visit with any of our directors, officers, or employees.